Lady Gaga Lights Up The Halftime Show - LBF

You have to admire a woman who dons sparkly undies and jumps off the roof of a football stadium and considers it just a day's work.

But Lady Gaga did it - and boy - just in time. That first half of the Super Bowl was worse than watching all "The Ring" horror movies in one sitting.

Everything was awful and unexpected and it was hard for me to choke down my buffalo wings. And I don't even like sports!

Then Lady Gaga appeared, a sequined Super Woman, and all was set right in the world. Singing, dancing, dropping from the skies, dropping the mic. It was all there. Thanks Lady Gaga! You're my MVP! - LBF

We may be entering a new era of Gaga, but she still incorporated all of the theatrics we've grown accustomed to into the Super Bowl halftime show.

During the performance, hundreds of illuminated drones filled the sky.

According to WSB-TV, Gaga had to get special permission from the Federal Aviation Administration prior to being able to use the drones.

This is also the first time drones have been used during a Super Bowl performance.

Other than Gaga's plans to use drones, the pop diva remained tight-lipped about what she had in store for fans.

In true Lady Gaga fashion, she started off on top of the roof, singing lyrics from 'God Bless America,' 'This Land is Your Land,' and the Pledge of Allegiance -- before taking a plunge off the roof, all with the assistance of supportive wires.

She then landed effortlessly onto the field and began singing some of our favorite Gaga favorites, such as 'Poker Face' and 'Born This Way.'

We can't wait until these scenes are up on YouTube, but Gaga did an amazing job, and did not appear to be lip syncing at any point during her performance, despite what some people believe.

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