Cat Island: The Ultimate Vacation For The Feline Fanatic In You

And if cat yoga's not enough kitty for ya, there's this! Just don't invite PJ...she vehemently dislikes cats! I, on the other hand, would love this! - Julie Devereaux

On a small Japanese island called Aoshima, AKA Cat Island, feral cats dominate the population.

For every one human there are six cats frolicking about in the small fishing town. Due to a mice invasion on their fresh catch, sailors in the early 1940s introduced cats to diminish the rodent problem. Well, long story short, the cats were not neutered or spayed and now 120 cats currently roam the area.

Japan's Cat Island - Incredible!

In this special featured video, we visit a special island in Japan. No, it's not bunny island, but cat island! Watch the Cat Island Video Series. New episodes will be added so be sure to subscribe! Aoshima island (青島), Ehime, has become one of the popular destinations for the cat lovers.

After World War II, most of the residents of Aoshima left the town, but a handful of people still live among the four-legged friends. Most of the time, most cats receive human interaction with the tourist boats that stop by the island twice a day.

The cats have become so used to tourists that they wait by the docking grounds for their new faces and… They survive off of rice balls and any other scraps they can conjure up from their out-of-town pals.

It is predicted that the cat population will not decrease anytime soon. Currently, only 10 cats are spayed or neutered. Looks like the population will only get crazier as time goes on!

Want to make a whole cat-themed Japan vacation? Well, not to worry, there are 11 different cat dominated islands that you can visit during your time there. You can even take a train that, believe it or not, has a stationmaster that is a cat.

Yes, that’s right, a five-year old Nitama currently is the mascot of the rural neighborhood of Kinokawa. Apparently, there is a cat stationmaster school that some tame felines go to in order to be a part of the rails. Small conductor hats are received after graduation.

Station master asleep #nitama

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From trains to islands, the inner cat fanatic in you will be ecstatic with Japan’s love for the felines. Book your 2017 vacation today...because nothing screams crazy cat lover more than a vacation dedicated to the animal!

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