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The Ability To Edit Tweets Could Be Coming To Twitter

Twitter lovers will soon be able to rejoyce!

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, recently asked Twitter users what they would like to see Twitter improve or create in 2017. Many tweeted back that they wanted the ability to edit their tweets. Dorsey answered back saying that "a form of edit is def needed."

FINALLY! I really hope that Dorsey is serious about this editing tool because I know I definitely need it.

jack on Twitter

@howardlindzon not sure why you're quoting this tweet but yes, a form of edit is def needed. But for everyone, not just those w badges


There are definitely some drawbacks to editing tweets. Celebs changing their stances, politicians changing their tweets... But honestly, right now, I'd just love to not have to send a tweet, delete it because I made a typo, and retype it all. Fingers crossed Jack and the team will make the edit before 2017 ends!


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