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Owner Of A Changed Heart: Wakeman Will Attend Rock Hall Ceremony

Hey, it's Julie Devereaux

I was sooo happy to read this! I talked with Rick Wakeman back in June and he was delightful! I have such respect for Rick for making sure Chris Squire gets the recognition he so deserves.

Here's our conversation from last summer:


Rick Wakeman will now be attending Yes' induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April.

After announcing over the weekend that he would not attend, Wakeman posted a note on his Facebook page Wednesday (January 4) saying, "I am very pleased to announce that as the Hall of Fame have now agreed to present Chris Squire's wife with a posthumous award acknowledging his massive contribution to YES, I have agreed to attend the Induction ceremony in New York to both stand proudly with my fellow band mates Jon (Anderson) and Trevor (Rabin) and also to watch Chris's wife Scottie collect this well-deserved award on his behalf. I also hope that this move to acknowledge members of bands who sadly did not live to receive their own honour, means they can get them posthumously in the future."

For the record, Squire was always included in Yes' induction, and deceased members of other bands have also been honored by the Rock Hall during past ceremonies.

Wakeman, who's logged five tenures with Yes, has been touring with Anderson and Rabin as AWR; The group begins a European tour on March 12 in Wales. Wakeman has been outspoken in his feelings that Yes should have shut down after the 2015 death of Squire, who was the group's sole constant member:

"I don't want to get into a sort of huge debate on it, but, yes...when Chris died I did feel that perhaps that was the moment that you draw a line and you say, 'cause Chris was the only founding member, the only original member that stayed the entire time with that band, and I do was time to go 'Let's give it a decent burial.'"


The Rock Hall induction takes place April 7 in Brooklyn.

(Editor’s Note: While Rick Wakeman wasn’t in Yes when they released the single “Owner of a Lonely Heart,” it was impossible to resist the punny headline. Admit it; you wouldn't be able to either.)


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