HOLIDAYS At The Morses: Family, Friends, Fun! - Hank

It's hustle, it's bustle, and in the end, hopefully, wonderful memories. The Christmas and Holiday season is many things: happy, sad, expensive, exhausting, funny, delicious, etc.

Through it all, and every year is different, my goal is to take something that makes me smile from the season and carry it with me forever.

This Christmas, we got together with family and friends, missed some that weren't with us anymore, laughed at memories from years past, made some new ones and then set our sights on 2017!

I hope you were all able to smile during the Christmas and Holiday season. Happy New Year! Bring on 2017!!! - Hank

Click the link below to see some of my favorite pictures from Christmas and the holidays!!

Holiday Happenings With The Morses