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Happy Birthday Doors Drummer John Densmore - Julie Devereaux

He's one of my top 5 drummers. I wish he'd been on the "The Doors of the 21st Century" tour that came through a few years ago but, he wasn't so, unfortunately I haven't caught him live...yet.

I love his jazz style and breathability on the instrument. Without John Densmore on drums, no Doors.

Here's a couple of, what I think are good examples of that:

Happy Birthday John Densmore.

"Petition the Lord With Prayer / Dead Cats, Dead Rats / Break on Through" The Doors

From the Album "Absolutely Live"

The Doors - Shaman's blues

"Shaman's blues" Words & music: Jim Morrison Album: "The soft parade" (40th Anniversary Edition) Yet another great song from "The soft parade" album. John gives the track a great tempo, Ray's keyboard is on fire, Robby adds his liquid magic and Jim's vocal perormance shows to everyone who the Shaman is.


I'm a spy in the house of love. I know the dream, that you're dreamin' of. I know the way that you long to hear. I know your deepest, secret fear. TUXIANA

L. A. Woman - The Doors

Para algunos ,Jim fue un poeta , con su alma atrapada entre el cielo y el infierno. Para otros otra fugaz estrella de rock que se estrello y consumió. Pero lo cierto es .......que es imposible consumirse si no se esta ardiendo. http://vimeo.com/19414497