SEE: My Latest Goodwill Bargains! - Hank

After taking most of the summer off from "Goodwill Hunting", as my father calls it, I returned to my bargain hunting, this week, and I'm excited to report a pretty good "score"!

I found a set of Ping Karsten I golf clubs, 3-pw, along with a Ping Pal4 putter, a Ginty fairway wood, and a Ping Eye 4 wood. When they were new, these clubs would have been about $500. I paid $5.


I also found a Titleist golf bag, which will stand up when set down, for $3. Brand new it sold for about $75.


My total: $8!

I did find one really good deal this summer during one of the few times I went to Goodwill.

It's a waterproof, men's Gore-Tex, The Northface Jacket, Summit Series. It retails for about $250. I paid $3.50.


Hey, I have college tuition to pay!????

Happy "Goodwill Hunting"!!! - Hank