WATCH: Ben Affleck Goes On Epic NSFW Deflategate Rant!

Bill Simmons is back! The first episode of his new HBO show "Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons" featured this epic NSFW deflategate rant from our Boston Boy, Ben Affleck. Ben says what every New England Patriot fan feels!

Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons: Ben Affleck on Deflategate (HBO)

New England native Ben Affleck has impassioned feelings about Tom Brady and Deflategate. Watch Any Given Wednesday with BIll Simmons on HBO NOW: Connect with Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons online for news on the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots and any of the other 119 professional sports teams...

Reminds us of this other epic Ben rant....

Good Will Hunting - Funny Job Interview (Ben Affleck)

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