LISTEN: Bill 'Spaceman' Lee Running for Vermont Governor

We choose to go to Vermont... He's been to Cuba and the moon, and now Bill Lee's headed to the capital building in Vermont.  That right, Bill 'Spaceman' Lee is running for Governor. His famous nickname originated in 1971, when he spoke to a crowd of reporters in the locker room about Apollo 15 moon landing.  The crowd blocked Red Sox infielder John Kennedy from getting to his locker and he responded, “Looks like we got our own spaceman,” Kennedy said according to this Time Magazine profile of the eccentric player.  The Spaceman joined the Loren & Wally Morning Show to declare why he's running and lay out his platform.  Listen here

He Was a Pitcher Nicknamed 'Spaceman.' Now He Wants to Be a Governor

Here's a gubernatorial platform for you: legalized pot, universal health care, seizure of federal highways, and steroid cheats in the Hall of Fame. Bill "Spaceman" Lee, the former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos from 1969-1982, is pushing these policies as a just-declared candidate for governor in Vermont.