Things I Wanted To Ask Robby Krieger of The Doors - Julie Devereaux

When are you gonna write a book about your experience with the Doors?

Do you have anything planned for The Doors 50th anniversary next year?

Where in the hell did you get that keyboard player? (Nathan Wilmarth, a huge Ray Manzarek fan and it shows...he played Ray's keyboard parts note for fricken' note)

How often are you in touch with John Densmore? What's he up to these days?

How'd your son Waylon Krieger end up fronting the band?

How has this band been received by Doors fans? (judging from what I saw, I'm guessing rabidly)

What are you working on musically and/or otherwise?

Is there any music by the Doors still unreleased?

After all these years, what's your favorite Doors song to play? To listen to?

Do you still meditate? (Robby, Ray and John were meditating even before the Beatles)

What do you think about the long legacy of the Doors?

Will you sign my Absolutely Live Doors album I have in my vehicle? (yes, I'm that nerdy of a Doors fan that I actually brought it just in case what...he'll wait for me to run out to my jeep and grab it out of the back seat?....he'll take a walk out to my jeep with me and sign it right there?...I'm sorry. Is my teen angst showing?)

What I actually asked legendary Doors guitarist Robby Krieger last Saturday night after his show at The Cabot in Beverly:

Was this your last show? ("yea, til June...we're taking a month off") Where ya going next? ("we're goin' out to Chicago, the midwest")

I apologized for asking for a picture...("it's all about the social media now and um, I work in radio"), and thanked him profusely when he allowed it. The picture was taken by the show's promoter, Sue Auclair, the epic marketing/promotions entrepreneur here in Boston.

Not all bands rise to mythical status; although it helps when your lead singer's looks and antics rival that of Dionysos, your guitarist's riffs sound like what making love feels like, your drummer beats out some sort of a samba rock shaman ceremonial sound and your keyboardist holds it all together with two hands and an invocation. It's also important the group can write songs that sound otherworldly; songs that can remove a listener directly from their body without mind altering substances.

The Doors had all of that in spades. We are down to the last few burning embers of a band that lit the world on fire almost fifty years ago and whose two remaining members still hold that flame.

Saturday's Set List:

Break On Through

Alabama Song

Backdoor Man

Five To One

Moonlight Drive (with Krieger reciting 'Horse Latitudes')

Wild Child

When The Music's Over

Texas Radio And The Big Beat

Peace Frog

Waiting For The Sun

Riders On The Storm

The Changeling

Maggie M'Gill

LA Woman (jazz drummer Ty Dennis hit this one out)

20th Century Fox

Touch Me

Freeway Jam (spotlighting bass player Phil Chen who played on Jeff Beck's Blow By Blow album as well as on albums by Jackson Brown, Rod Stewart and many others)

Light My Fire

and here's a Doors song for the road:

The Doors - Shaman's blues

"Shaman's blues" Words & music: Jim Morrison Album: "The soft parade" (40th Anniversary Edition) Yet another great song from "The soft parade" album. John gives the track a great tempo, Ray's keyboard is on fire, Robby adds his liquid magic and Jim's vocal perormance shows to everyone who the Shaman is.