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Why It's Important To Know How Prince Died - Julie Devereaux

Well, I saw this in the 'trending' news today:

"Federal law enforcement officials told NBC News Wednesday that the painkillers were found along with Prince's body. Officials have yet to determine what role, if any, the medications had in his death."

And this from the Wall Street Journal:

Prince’s plane made an emergency landing several days before his death in Moline, Ill., because he was suffering from a Percocet overdose, the official said. Once on the ground, Prince was given Narcan, an antidote for opioid overdose, to revive him, the official said. Narcan is a brand name for the drug naloxone, which works by displacing opioids from their receptors in the brain.

The results from Prince's autopsy are still pending but it's looking more and more like he may be yet another casualty of the prescription opioid crisis. Even "taken as directed" can lead to addiction and/or overdose. The media focus has mostly been on the illegal heroin but the root of the opioid/opiate epidemic is found in medicine cabinets all across the country. Not only are we losing a generation to opioid/opiate addiction, we're losing people of all ages and from all walks of life. If we are ever to get a handle on this, it must be pulled up by the root.

What Is Percocet?: An Addiction Expert Explains the Uses and Risks of the Popular Painkiller

@chancelloragard 04/27/2016 AT 09:30 PM EDT Musical genius Prince died April 21 at the age of 57. Subscribe now for an inside look into his private life and shocking death, only in PEOPLE. In this week's cover story, sources confirm to PEOPLE that Prince had a history of using the prescription painkiller Percocet to treat ongoing pain.

Here's some information on the root cause of the current opioid/opiate addiction epidemic:

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