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WATCH: Should Kelly Ripa Be Ripped About Strahan's Exit? - LBF

Ooooooh. This is the best story of the week. The BEST.

Because there is nothing more satisfying than rich, famous people suffering the same workplace shenanigans we, the regulars, endure.

Celebrities..they're just like us!

If you haven't heard, Michael Strahan is leaving "Live with Kelly and Michael" for GMA come August. Word is he's getting a BIG FAT raise (we're talking an EIGHT figure salary). Which, you know, is fine. Except all this negotiating was done with Kelly Ripa's knowledge and when news broke, Ripa turned into Rumpelstiltskin, throwing a Holy Blue Jesus fit and not showing up for work the next day.

And now word is, she's not coming back until next Tuesday. Maybe.

Of course, "Live" producers say her vacation was "planned" but if they lie to Kelly Ripa, THEY WILL LIE TO US.

Kelly No Show For Michael Strahan's Announcement GMA Full Time

Kelly No Show For Michael Strahan's Announcement GMA Full Time


If I weren't so insanely jealous of Ripa, what with her tiny Polly Pocket body and international fame and fortune, I might feel really bad for her. Because according to daytime talk show legend, Regis Philbin told Kelly he was leaving a mere 15 minutes before he went on television and told the world.


I don't usually watch "Live" because I don't have that kind of time left on earth, but you can bet your remote control I'm tuning in Tuesday for "Live! With The Most Awkward On Screen Duo Since George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell in "Batman & Robin."

Batman and Robin -Trailer

Here is the trailer to the most stupidest superhero movie ever made. Have a good laugh seeing how stupid it is.


Update! Did Kelly see it coming? Jezebel.com says YES!

Kelly Couldn't Give Less of a Shit About Michael, Is Busy Celebrating Her 20th Anniversary

In reports published Thursday by TMZ and The New York Times (don't you just love when celebrity gossip falls all over the media spectrum?), it has been revealed that while things over at ABC are as tense as previously believed (perhaps even more so), the reasons for those tensions are a little more complicated than we originally thought.