5 Kids Who Know How To Rock

Rock and roll has no age, and these five guitarists are proof.

Check out these young boys and girls shred like you wouldn't believe!  (WARNING:  May result in face melting off.  Watch at your own risk.)


Meet Ayla Gezmis from Lincolnshire, England.  She's 13 and she plays a kick-ass cover of Voodoo Child.  Once you see her perform we think you'll understand why they call her 'Mini-Hendrix.'


Toby Lee hails from England and at 10, he's already been playing guitar for 7 years.  You've got to see this tribute to David Bowie that this young blues put together.  He calls is 'The Jean Genie Jam.'  We call it brilliant.


Say hi to Zoe Thomson.  Zoe's been playing guitar since she was six.  Now, at the age of 12, she's got her own band, The Mini Band.  Check out this video from 2014 of Zoe rockin' out 'Hail To The King' by Avenged Sevenfold.


Aidan Fisher done quite a lot in his short 13 years on this planet.  He's mastered the guitar, he's played on stage with Steel Panther and even performed the national anthem at NFL games.  You've got to hear his version of 'Satch Boogie' by Joe Satriani.  It just may bring a tear to your eye.


Jeremy Yong will blow your mind!  This kid is just 11 years old and had performed all over the world.  He nails 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath during his performance on a German TV show in the fall of 2015.