SEE: The Best Cereal Of All Time! - Hank

What kid didn't grow up eating cereal for breakfast? The experts say it's really not that good for  you, with lots of carbs and sugar, but kids love it! Parents love it, too, because it's something "Little Johnny" and "Little Susie" will eat before rushing off to school! They figure, "Hey, it's something!" Who has time to cut up fruit, make scrambled eggs and squeeze fresh orange juice.

My favorite cereal as a kid was Sugar Pops! Of course, my parents would by Special K and Cheerios most of the time, but then I'd just smother it with sugar!  Maybe that's why I still look like Engleburt in "The Bad News Bears"!

Here's a list of the favorite cereals of all time!
















Here's a list of favorite cereals, by state:

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