5 Tech Gifts For Your Phone-Obsessed Friend!

We all have that one person in our inner circle who LIVES on their phone. So let's give them what they really want - phone things! 

We have brought you 5 of the most interesting tech presents for phones, and we guarantee the social media hound / e-mail junkie / selfie snapper in your life will ABSOLUTELY LOVE these items!


iPhone 6 Case with Front Facing LED Lights

This is absolutely perfect for the friend that's constantly taking selfies. Model Alessandra Ambrosio even accidentally showed her secret to the world recently when she posted a selfie that she was using a ton of light to get that great shot. So this is perfect for that one person who's constantly snapping pictures of themselves.


SLR Lens Mount for iPhone

This is pretty intense but sort of cool! Photo junkies are always looking at the fusion between phone and camera and not knowing where the line is drawn. Well if you've got a 6/6S or a 6 Plus/6S Plus - you can now attach your digital SLR lens to a mount for your phone to create this freakish but functional set up! Available for both Nikon and Canon lenses.


10 Finger Touch Screen Gloves

Personally, we love this because we're so used to touching our phones all sorts of ways. It can get frustrating when you've got fingers just like E.T. trying to phone home, so why not have fully functional 10 finger touch screen capability?


Macro Cell Lens Band

You know when you try and take a photo of something really closely and it just gets blurry? Well no more! This macro cell band is quick, easy, and most importantly, inexpensive! Just slip it on over the camera, snap it, and take it off. Simple as that.


iPhone Super Suit

This is perfect for your friend or relative that needs extra protection on their phone. It's waterproof, shock proof, cat and dog proof - you name it, it's probably safe from it. The great thing about this design too is that the screw cap that keeps the water out of the headphone jack is actually connected to the case, so you won't lose it.


Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.”