Tech Buzz: Gift Giving Ideas Under $10

Looking for that perfect stocking stuffer? A non-bank bleeding techie gift? Something for a coworker? Here are some inexpensive and handy suggestions that will making any tech lover's season bright.

Dual Port Car Charger


Apple To Android USB Cord

This is perfect for a multi-family, multi-phone household. Sometimes a Husband will have a Droid while the wife will have an iPhone, and then you've got to have separate cords all around the house. For $8.99, you can have both attached to one cord, making it all the more convenient to get your power supply. Also, for that extra tech-savvy person, someone who owns a Mophie phone case can attest to having both an android port (in the case) and it attaching to their iPhone (otherwise needing an Apple cord if removing the case off the phone).


Smartphone Camera Lenses

Do you have that son/daughter or niece/nephew that has an obsession with Instagram? Well, this is the toy for them! If you check out Amazon (based on the phone that they have), you can find lenses that clip on to the phone, and give the phone that extra effect that they'd long for with an SLR without all the bulk. They normally come in 3-packs, and contain stuff like a Fish Eye (bubble effect), Wide Angle, and Macro (super close up). Best of all, you can find them for $6.99-Under $10 without breaking a sweat.


Ballpoint Pen With USB Flash Drive

This will come in handy, as long as you don't lose your pens! There's a flash drive inside the pen, and the 8GB version is $8.99. The pen also has an LED flashlight.


Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

For a mere $9.39, the SoundBot Water Resistant Speaker is Bluetooth capable, comes with a dedicated suction cup, and 6 hours of playtime. It also has a built in mic and answer button for phone calls, if you're into the whole chatting-while-showering thing.


USB Charger

There are TONS of these out there, but few under $10 that you can trust wholeheartedly. We suggest this: Duracell's Instant USB Charger. It comes with a Mini-USB to charge the box, and is small and portable, and most of all, compatible with multiple devices voltage wise. The difference between something like this and one of the off-brand USB chargers is that the voltage is not as known or steady, and if you use something like that and it blows out your phone, it could void your warranty. Sometimes sticking with the brand you know is the safer bet. And it's only $7.39 on Amazon.


Smartphone Tripod

If you're not a camera wizard and you just use your iPhone, don't fret! We've got a tripod just for you to take those group photos! Compatible with iPhones, Samsungs, and more, this tripod fits your phone snug enough to tilt it sideways for both vertical and horizontal shots. $6.99 VIA Amazon (not including shipping).


Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.”