(Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)

SEE: #TBH - Loren and Wally's Throwback Halloween!

This is scary! Loren & Wally are celebrating the Ghosts of Halloween's Past with a few photos!

First up, we give you Loren Owens, who just wore some goofy head gear every year.

Loren1 Loren2 Loren3



It's Wally the Kid! First as Hopalong Cassidy, then Indiana Jones.



LBF over the years. She was only in it for the candy.



And of course Lungboy was a devil.

(Then a leopard and Dracula. Guess he loved the smell of plastic!)




And PJ The Eternal Intern, who still celebrates Halloween LIKE A BOSS as a witch, Super Girl and 80's rocker!