SEE: What Does it Take for LBF to Go to a Ball?

In short? Four excruciating hours of dress shopping, two very tight undergarments, a bonafide beauty squad and an uplifting (ahem) visit to Lady Grace.

These are the ladies from Savoy Salon in Canton. Thank you, miracle workers!
These are the ladies from Savoy Salon in Canton. Thank you, miracle workers!


The last time I had a good time gown shopping was for my prom. Fast forward 25 years? Wrangling taffeta onto my body is like an oversized truck trying to drive through the Storrow Drive Tunnel.

People can get hurt.

But I did it! I bought my first pair of Spanx (TRANSFORMATIVE) and a strapless bra that could moonlight as a Baby Bjorn, then wiggled my way into a form-fitting gown, slipped on some heels (they always fit) and went to the Storybook Ball, a gala to benefit pediatric health at Mass General's Children's Hospital.




Attendees, dressed to the hilt, hit the cocktail hour with style, playing children's games for luxurious prizes donated by high-end stores. The theme of the evening was Treasure Island, and man, for a girl who considers a bottle of wine and a nachos the recipe for a decent Saturday night, this evening was off the hook. My date was Boston Globe scribe Jill Radsken, who knows I never get out and played fairy godsister with her invite.


Here I am at my favorite place, the bar!


I sat next to Dan Mathieu, owner of Max Ultimate Food, which provided the amazing apps and dinner, including this AMAZING lobster i wolfed down like I'd never seen food before:


This is Dan. He's a GENIUS!
This is Dan. He's a GENIUS!

I saw John Henry blocking his ears as he made his way by the dance floor. (I guess he likes the sound of baseball better than Rob Base). And my favorite comedian and all-around great guy Lenny Clarke emceed the auction, which had some pretty big ticket items, including golfing with David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic. All proceeds went to neurological research.

It was a magical night, topped off by a nightcap at Club Cafe's Napoleon Room, where I got to hear Brian Patton and Mary Callanan perform and bumped into cabaret great John O'Neill!