Black Mass Red Carpet! - LBF


That time when I tried to interview Bob Kraft and this happened:

Landry from "Friday Night Lights" makes for a mean Kevin Weeks. He was one of my favorites on the red carpet, and not just because he learned his Boston accent by hanging out in bars in Southie for a month.

Julianne Nicholson is the ONLY PERSON FROM MEDFORD WHO DOES NOT KNOW HANK MORSE! (But Hank says she knows his brother. And she was born in the house across the street from him.) Six Degrees of Hank is for real. Here's her take on the Boston accents in the film.

We love local actress Erica McDermott ever since she called Amy Adams in "The Fighter" an MTV girl.

"Black Mass" author Dick Lehr on what he wished made it in the movie.