Photo from Harvest/EMI

Now You Can Own The Pig From Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ Cover

For that person in your life that’s a huge fan of Pink Floyd, you’re going to want to forward this news along to them.

Algie, the famous inflatable pig on the cover of the band’s 1977 album Animals is heading to auction on September 15th via  Of course, Algie infamously took flight during the photoshoot at the Battersea Power Station, ended up in a field and caused flights out of London’s Heathrow airport to be delayed until its capture.

It should be noted that Algie’s description states it’s in “poor condition with a split seam,” so you’ll have to repair the pig if you intended on inflating it again.

So far, there’s no estimate for how much Algie will be sold, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this one-of-a-kind item goes for some serious bacon.  (And yes, that pun was necessary.)




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