Jan 26

WROR Yankee Swap

Thursday, Jan 26 @ 6:00 pm

Last year... You came, you ate, you drank and traded your awful gifts for good ones (thanks to us!) and bad ones (thanks to fellow listeners) and it was a lot of fun so let's do it again!

Snakes On Twitter - Julie Devereaux

That python in Maine is "tweeting" (but of course!). Click HERE if you wanna follow "Wessie" on Twitter. I have to admit I was surprised to hear there was a rattle snake found in Quincy recently (read story HERE). I had no idea rattlers actually live in the Blue Hills! Noted.  I actually like snakes.…

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Julie Devereaux

It is a wonderful life. I've had to remind myself of that truth many, many times over the past few weeks in the middle of change. Life's top three stressful events are: death of a loved one, divorce/separation and MOVING. I'd somehow forgotten that; or perhaps I blocked it out. Moving is disruptive, disorienting and…

Jan 21

The WROR Yankee Swap 1/21

Thursday, Jan 21 @ 6:00 pm, Cagney's Restaurant & Pub, 214 Washington Street, Quincy

Hold onto those HORRIBLE/WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS presents because The WROR Yankee Swap is coming! Contest full. 


Yankee Swap- See you and your scented candles there!

Contest is full. We will open back up if anyone cancels. Thanks! You know those dumb presents you got in the Yankee Swap or from your office Secret Santa? Get ready for a chance to trade them up for some better stuff at the WROR Yankee Swap! It's going down on Thursday, January 21st at Cagney's Restaurant…