Lou Reed: The King of Cool

Lou Reed would’ve turned 75 today (March 2), and in the pantheon of rock and roll, there’s no other figure that exuded the enigmatic cool of Reed.

'Music From The Elder' & 4 Other Classic Rock Flops

KISS’ Music From The Elder was released 25 years ago today (November 10) and was so poorly received that the band didn’t even tour in support of the album. Of course, this is just one of a number of flops the classic rock world has seen. Here’s some of the most notorious.

Classic Rock Ghosts We’d Want To “Haunt” Us

Sadly, a lot of our favorite classic rockers are no longer with us.  Playing their music on the regular is a great way to keep their spirit alive, but with Halloween just days away, this thought popped into our heads: What if those spirits decided to pay us a visit? Slightly morbid ideas aside, we…

Lou Reed Was A Pr*ck? - Julie Devereaux

Geez I hate when I read stuff like this. And on Lou Reed's birthday. I mean, hey, I love his music but obviously I don't know the guy. And according to biographer Howard Sounes, ("Notes From The Velvet Underground") those who did know him, weren't particularly fond of him: “The word that kept coming up…