Wise Words From Jon Bon Jovi

It's commencement speech season! Here's part of the excellent "heads up" Jon Bon Jovi gave graduates of a New Jersey University. Too bad most of us have to learn this the hard way but I suppose experience really is the best teacher.

GALLERY: Musicians That Never Seem To Age

Jon Bon Jovi turns 55today (March 2), and it goes without saying that in addition to being an absolute force live decades after debuting, he has, without a doubt, aged extremely well.   (And he's embraced a silver-haired look and got better looking.  JBJ is unreal!)

Bon Jovi Sing Along at AFC Championship Game

Great to see Jon Bon Jovi leading the 'Livin' on a Prayer' sing along with Donnie Wahlberg and Gronk at the AFC Championship! Bon Jovi + #PatriotsNation = perfection - New England Patriots | Facebook Bon Jovi + #PatriotsNation = perfection  

Bon Jovi Celebrates 30 Years Slippery When Wet-Jaybeau

The expert bloggers and musicologists will write better reviews than me. But what I can write is this: He may the biggest star I've ever spoken to. But yet Jon Bon Jovi is more authentic and down to earth then some family (not immediate) members. This month is the 30th anniversary of the Bon Jovi…