Youth Sports Specialization: See Mike Boyle Discuss, Tonight! - Hank

Mike Boyle This is a big time of the year for youth sports: Little League baseball, girls softball, soccer, lacrosse, even spring hockey, basketball, etc. At what point, though, should young athletes begin to focus on one sport? It's a big question! Many parents think their "little Johnny" or "little Susie" can "fast track" their…

Loren & Wally Podcast of the Day 5/23

A bombing occurred after a Ariana Grande concert in Manchester UK, last night we have some of the details as more unfolds. Two Indy Car drivers got into a scuffle at a fast food chain, and with NASCAR in full swing check out The Wicked Fast Podcast featuring Lungboy & Timmy G.
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Medford Native Safe After Opening Ariana Grande Show - Hank

Bianca Landrau is an up and coming rap star known at "Bia". She graduated from Medford High School in 2008. She is signed to Pharrell's label. She's been on tour with Ariana Grande and was one of the opening acts last night in Manchester, England, when an explosion killed 22 people and wounded dozens more.…

OH BOY! Hank Has Added To His Thrift Shop Art "Collection"!

There is a fine line between being a hoarder and a "collector". I prefer to think of myself as a "collector". I've been collection artwork, most of it signed, at my favorite thrift store that you hear me talk about. I've actually found a few pieces worth $400-$500 each. This weekend, I found an original…