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Always Find Out Your Father's Story - LBF

OK, my mother, Boston Globe columnist Beverly Beckham wrote this about her father for Father's Day and it's excellent and a must read: By BEVERLY BECKHAM “Tell me, Dad. Please, tell me about you.” That’s what I would say to my father if I could sit with him at his kitchen table one more time.…

RIP Matt “Guitar” Murphy

Anyone that’s a Blues Brothers fan is likely mourning and drowning their sorrows in white bread, toasted, dry with nothing on it and four whole fried chickens and a Coke.

#BrianBellBuster - Plumber Call

Tune in to the Brian Bell Buster every morning on the :50's with The Loren & Wally Show! Drew just wanted the leaky faucet in the bathroom fixed. His wife, Kristen, wanted to get him with a Brian Bell Buster for his birthday! We called him as a really inept plumber! What did we do to Drew's Dyson vacuum?   

Bill 'Spaceman' Lee- Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Induction and The Future of Sports in America

Every Monday at 8:40am we talk baseball with former Red Sox pitcher, Bill 'Spaceman' Lee.  Bill accepted an award for the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame on behalf of Pedro Martinez.  After the Chris Sale debacle, we want to know if you can be kicked out of a ball game if you've already been taken…