Loren & Wally Podcast of the Day 4/11

Lungboy is in the market to adopt a new dog for the family & has been looking at rescue shops for one, members of the nation call in to give some advice on the best places to adopt.

The Obama's are still on vacation & the Island they've been on is privately owned and the accommodations are outrageous. A lot of airlines are in the news for bad reasons, but one family made out like bandits after they volunteered to switch flights three times. The warmer weather is here and some people are feeling pressured to go outside. Tax deadline is approaching fast, Barry the taxman swings into the studio to give us help & tips to navigate the tricky tax forms. Ford has created a crib for some parents that have children who can't sleep unless they are on a car ride. All this plus Men From Maine, Three Things, Dirty Laundry & Birthday's on today's Loren & Wally Podcast!