I Broke the Lottery Mistake & Nobody Believed Me! -LBF

In today's Dirty Laundry Report, local Powerball winner and mishap and other celebrity news -LBF

Yeah, so THIS HAPPENED. I get confirmation that the Powerball jackpot ticket was NOT in Watertown but in Chicopee and I tell the world AND NO ONE BELIEVED ME. People were calling and saying "Well, WBZ says it's Watertown." And I'M LIKE "WBZ IS WRONG AND I AM RIGHT."

I have zero journalistic credibility left! I blame "Men from Maine." 😉

Loren & Wally

Breaking #Powerball news! Winner was bought in Chicopee not Watertown! Here's your #DirtyLaundry Report! #WROR (No sound when we are playing music, sorry!)

Also, everything about Mavis IS MARVELOUS. The gum. The statement. She's SO Chicopee Cheery! I'm psyched for her.

Mass. State Lottery on Twitter

Meet the #Powerball $758.7 million prize winner Mavis Wanczyk https://t.co/QyG12lV0oS

Taylor Swift's 6th album will be out November 10th. Releasing a single tonight. Cover looks less country more punk rock... whatever.

Instagram post by Taylor Swift * Aug 23, 2017 at 4:39pm UTC

1.9m Likes, 190 Comments - Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Instagram

John Cena and his giant neck (I like it) will be in a Knight Rider reboot.

ComicBook NOW! on Twitter

The KNIGHT RIDER movie may land both KEVIN HART & JOHN CENA in these key roles: https://t.co/JSkojatDKi

A cautionary tale: Do not take naked pictures. Unless you have a Polaroid camera and a safe.

Tiger Woods, Katharine McPhee Declare Legal War Over Nude Photo Hacks

Tiger Woods, Katharine McPhee Declare Legal War Over Nude Photo Hacks Tiger Woods and Katharine McPhee have been hacked -- private nude photos have surfaced -- and their lawyers are vowing to destroy anyone who posts them. A website has posted graphic selfies of various naked stars, including Tiger, Lindsey Vonn , Miley Cyrus , Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell .

Gwyneth Paltrow is back! Goop has been called out on deceptive health claims- I could have told you that!

Stephanie M. Lee on Twitter

New: Advocates want regulators to investigate Goop for deceptive marketing, saying its health claims lack evidence https://t.co/R34H9ajxfM

The 23 Most Ridiculous Things Goop Has Ever Done, Ranked

Goop: a four-letter word if we've ever heard one. What began nearly ten years ago as actress Gwyneth Paltrow's weekly newsletter of various rich-people frivolities has morphed into a full-fledged lifestyle and "wellness" empire, doling out dubious health advice, selling $15,000 vibrators, and generally enraging scientists and people who aren't a part of the one percent.

Jay Z and Beyonce bought an 88 million house and took out a 52 million mortgage- Wow!

Jay-Z and Beyonce May Have $250,000 Monthly Mortgage Payment on L.A Mansion

Jay-Z and Beyonce will pay a monthly mortgage of a quarter of a million dollars on their new Los Angeles home

TheDailyBey on Twitter

Beyoncé & Jay Z's newly constructed house in Bel Air is the most expensive home purchase in Los Angeles history.