Win $500 3X A Day! On Air

WROR is giving YOU 3 chances each weekday to win $500 with the WROR Artist of the Day!  

The WROR Artist of the Day will be announced at 7:20am on The Loren & Wally Morning  Show.  Then stay tuned for your chances to win at 8:20am, 1:20pm and 4:20pm. When you hear the WROR Artist of the Day with a cue to call, be the 100th caller at 855-485-2000 and win $500!

Monday 3/20 Rolling Stones
Tuesday 3/21 Bon Jovi
Wednesday 3/22 Foreigner
Thursday 3/23 Cars
Friday 3/24 Def Leppard

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This is a Beasley Media Group Boston Market-wide Contest. See official contest rules for more info.

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