Win a Wicked Lott'ah Money with WROR! Online

105.7 WROR is giving you a chance to WIN $1,000 5 X A DAY with “HOW TO TEXT BOSTONESE!” …That means you can win a wicked lott'ah scratch, hi-yo!

Weekdays at 8am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 6pm listen for a BOSTONESE keyword. Then you have 15 minutes to text it to 40772 or enter it below …Hey, don’t be a tool and do it on the expressway, though!

IMPORTANT: We may not pronounce our R's, but we know how to spell so make your teach'ah and your moth'ah proud, we mean teacher and mother proud, and spell it how we do!

One nationwide winner wins $1,000 …That’ll cov'ah your lahge regulahs at cumby’s all year!

That’s five $1,000 winners every weekday!

Example of BOSTONESE:



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This is a Beasley Media Group Nationwide Contest.

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