See: Local Guy Makes Best Bird Houses Ever!

In my two week quest for rocks that match my already gravel driveway, I happened to drive by these very colorful, homemade signs in Rockland proclaiming this was the 'last of the birdhouses', 'I'm not making anymore'.  My curiosity was definitely piqued but I was on the fly, hunting for rocks. It was Saturday.

There Used To Be Swimwear Police?

We've come a long way baby. And we still have a long way to go. I mean, it only took 98 years to end the Miss America "swimsuit competition" (RIP). I was curious as to what we were wearing on the beach when the Miss America pageant first began. I came across this:

THESE are my DRESS Crocs!

So, yes, I own Crocs that are a little more formal than the others. These have laces. They are perfect to wear with a blazer and jeans. Casual, but a little dressy! Don't you LOVE them? 🙂