My "Not Fried" Sweet Potato Fries! - Hank

It's only in the last few years that I discovered I really like sweet potatoes and they're good for you! I REALLY like sweet potato fries, but can do without the fried part! SO, I went looking for a recipe and came up with this one from the New York Times! I adjusted a few…

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How Do You Prep for The BIG GAME?

We want to help you get ready for The BIG GAME starting NOW! In other words, plan your menu today and GO to the market before you are parking on a mound of grass, the blue cheese dressing is sold out and you're turning your carriage sideways to fit in line!

5 SoCo Cocktails To Celebrate Janis Joplin

The rock world lost Janis Joplin 46 years ago today (October 4th), and in addition to remembering her musical legacy, we also think Janis should be remembered today with help from one of her favorites:  Southern Comfort.