Loren & Wally

Comedy Guest Kevin Farley In Studio!

Thanks to Kevin Farley for stopping by the studios. What a funny guy and who didn't love his brother Chris? If you haven't seen the documentary Kevin did about his brother, I Am Chris Farley, check it out!

PARENTS: Sign Posted At Wisconsin Little Field Issues Reality Check! - Hank

Congratulations to the people running the Little League in Glendale, Wisconsin. THEY GET IT! They posted a sign on the backstop of the baseball field reminding parents about the players, coaches and umpires. They're kids, volunteers and human beings! We've all seen it too many times. The parents watching their children in youth sports scream…

Fake Fitness Experts Sued for Pranking TV Station

Seems like 'Chop & Steele" have a perfectly believable workout. They were featured on WEAU-TV’s morning show Hello Wisconsin and the TV station isn't happy. They have sued  Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher who posed as 'Chop & Steele' have been accused of fraud, copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit a wrongful activity. We think it's pretty…