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WATCH: Hank Talks To Shark Experts: Why Great Whites Love Chatham!

  It's "Shark Week" on Discovery and it has become a cultural phenomenon across the US and around the world! It is the new "Must See TV"! Two of the featured shark experts on "Shark Week" are Dr. Greg Skomal and Joe Romeiro. Greg is the Senior Fisheries Scientist for MA Dept. of Marine Fisheries and a…

VIDEO: Baby Robins Full Of Feathers And Want To Eat! - Hank

My incredible spring of bird watching continues! Every step has been fascinating, from the building of the nest, the laying of the eggs, to the hatching, to the development and now the rapid growth. Amazing! My boys - Larry, Mark and Big - are almost ready to fly!!! #FEEDME Uploaded by HanksBigAdventure on 2016-05-16.