Get Ready To Laugh Your-Off-Jaybeau

As we look at our pal Tom Brady pick up a trophy, in Atlanta, it was all over the net today. Video of the famous Georgia Dome the former home of the Atlanta Falcons was demolished after hosting years of memorable sports events. (Not because the Falcons lost the Big Game to the Pats.)

Dads Stolen Password Helps Kid Book Disney Trip-Jaybeau

Is this 9 year old in trouble, or a genius? She guessed Dad's Pay Pal password and purchased a Disney Family vacation, in Paris. Be nice to the kid, someday she'll be our boss- 9-year-old girl books Disneyland Paris trip after guessing her father's PayPal password | Inside the Magic A nine-year-old girl in the United…

Kevin Spacey REPLACED, by Kevin James? Jaybeau

In our kooky world, sometimes we need a dose of stupid. (I'm on 2 pm to 7 pm weekdays, by the way.) This, I could not resist sharing. Because of the controversy with actor Kevin Spacey, a petition has been started to replace Spacey on the Netflix hit show House Of Cards with the King of Queens…