Alexa Open ROR!

You may not have one (yet), but everyone has been raving about the Amazon Echo, and we can't blame them! With voice activated technology that takes living to a whole new level.

Now, anytime you want to hear Boston's Greatest Hits and our Loren & Wally and Wicked Fast Podcasts on 105.7 WROR, all you have to do is tell Alexa - it's as easy as saying "Alexa, Open ROR".

You and Your Alexa:

You and Your Alexa- 105.7 WROR

The Loren & Wally Morning Show teaches you the proper way to listen to 105.7 WROR with your Amazon Echo- Alexa, Open ROR!

1.) The first time (and only the first time) you use the WROR Skill you must ENABLE it by either:


OR clearly tell your Amazon Echo: ALEXA, ENABLE R-O-R, BOSTON.

2.) Tell Alexa to OPEN R-O-R (no W)!

3.) Listen to WROR LIVE or to one of our PODCASTS!