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DVR ALERT! Billy Joel Making Rare TV Appearance-Jaybeau

If you missed Billy Joel at Fenway Wednesday night, you can catch him during a very rare television appearance soon. Billy will appear on the second-season opener of Harry, Harry Connick Jr.’s syndicated talk show, on September 12th. In addition to a solo performance, Billy’s last visit to a daytime talk show was in 2008, on Oprah. But wait there's more: Billy will SING a duet with Harry. Now that's how to start a season. I met Billy Joel in the 1980's. He was unbelievably down to earth and authentic. It was a gift to spend time one on one talking to Billy.

I'll have my DRV ready.

Joel to make rare daytime talk show appearance

Billy Joel will make a rare daytime talk show appearance on "Harry," to kick off the second season of Harry Connick Jr.'s program on Sept. 12. According to the show, Joel will perform solo and Connick will join him to perform a duet of one of Joel's classics.