Babysitters Put Baby In The Fridge! - Hank

Is 14-15 Too Young Babysit? There are a lot of things you won't let young teenagers do. They can't legally work, drive, smoke, drink, vote, get married, get a credit card, etc. But, it's OK to babysit?

In Danvers, two young girls, 15 and 14, recently put an 8 month old baby in the refrigerator while the Mom was in the shower. They recorded video of the incident and put it on Snapchat. The baby's mother said the girls, one of whom is her niece, made a mistake and have learned from their mistake. Police are charging both girls in juvenile court.

I never understood why people would let young, inexperienced teens take care of what, in my mind, was the most important thing in their lives: their children. A lot of times, they also look for the cheapest babysitters they can find and often let teens they hardly know take care of their kids. They get a reference from someone and if the babysitter is free, BOOM, see you Saturday night at 7!

It's an ENORMOUS amount of responsibility and in an emergency I always worried that young people wouldn't know what to do or react quickly enough. We used to have a 30 year old friend babysit our kids. She was about our age when they were babies, had life experience and made us comfortable.

I know that some people's heads are blowing off right now. A couple of my co-workers were insulted when I said I couldn't understand how people would let a 14 or 15 year old babysit their kids. My kids babysat at that age. My wife did, too. Some teens ARE very capable at that age, sometimes more capable than adults. On the whole, I don't think it's a good idea. A lot can go wrong. What say you?

2 Girls Charged After Video Shows Them Putting Baby In Refrigerator

DANVERS (CBS) - Two teenage juveniles are facing serious charges after video posted on social media allegedly shows them placing a baby in a refrigerator and closing the door. The identities of the females have not been released because they are juveniles.

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