Lakeville Man Uses Brilliant Prop To Slow Traffic. I Use Stops Signs. #PeopleGetAnnoyed - Hank

A guy in Lakeville was sick and tired of people speeding through his neighborhood, so he came up with a brilliant strategy. A friend from a salvage yard gave him an actual size cut-out of a police car made out of plywood and aluminum siding. He propped it up in his front yard and SHAZAM, traffic slowed down! The neighbors loved it, but not all the passersby did. Some flipped him off after they realized they'd been fooled. Local police have no problem with it, either. So, good for that guy.

Here's our discussion this morning on the Loren and Wally Show!

In my neighborhood, I recently appeared in front of the local traffic commission to have two stop signs installed in front of my house. People use the intersection as a cut through and go too fast. It's a two way street, so there are signs going both ways. My cars have been hit multiple times and I've also had mirrors ripped off. In addition, there's a school 125 yards away and we've got young kids in the neighborhood. I also have a grandson due in October.

I had told my neighbors who live closest to the intersection that I was petitioning for the stop signs. They have two young sons. They're happy to have the new signs. Some of my neighbors, who are my good friends, aren't as thrilled, though. They thought everything was fine the way it was. :):) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I think "Err on the side of caution!"

Lakeville man puts up fake police cruiser to slow down cars

Updated: LAKEVILLE, Mass. - A Lakeville man has a life-size Crown Victoria in his driveway, all made of plywood and aluminum siding. The guy who owns the look-alike police cruiser says it's been getting people to slow down for years. "It's reflective, so even at night it catches everybody's eye," said Kelly Tufts.

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