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Game Of Thrones: 50 Things You Didnt Know-Jaybeau

It's coming July 16 on HBO: Season 7, Game of Thrones. I'm not a fan of violence, but the story is so good, I plow through it. Somehow, this show has you rooting for the bad guys.

Will Cersei make it?

How big will Dany's army be? Can you be a cast member of the army?

Can dragon's be a house pet? (I can answer that.)

What is the biggest irony of GOT?

For you thronies, here are 50 things you didn't know-

Game of Thrones: 50 things you didn't know

From how to get your own Direwolf, to the intriguing inspiration behind the dragons, here are fifty surprising facts about the world of HBO's Game of Thrones, and the George RR Martin book series that inspired it.