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My Message to Stevie Nicks-Jaybeau

When I go to shows like Stevie Nicks, the part when I want walk out to get a "second" beer is when they say "I want to play something new ." NOOOOOO!

But that's not fair to them is it? It must be a struggle for a superstar artist to want to expose NEW music, when their loyal fans want to hear the familiar stuff.

Once at a Heart show, it took Ann and Nancy Wilson about FORTY FIVE minutes to play a familiar song.

So in support of Stevie Nicks who we love, here's a new song that's appearing in a new movie coming out. If Stevie is reading this, at your next show, can you give us forty five minutes of hits before you play a new song, even if it's great?

Don't pull our chain.



Stevie Nicks shares new song "Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go" - listen

Recently, Lana Del Rey revealed that Stevie Nicks would be appearing on her upcoming album, Lust For Life , dueting on a song called "Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems". As we await its release, Nicks has shared her own new composition, "Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go", which she's contributed to the upcoming film, The Book of Henry.