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Why Michael J. Fox is MY Hero-Jaybeau

I'm not gonna lie. It's inspiring and a bit unsettling to watch one of my heroes, Michael J. Fox in those Toyota commercials with his Back to the Future co-star Christopher Lloyd tying in to the anniversary of the iconic movie. Fox is a hero to me because he has brilliantly reinvented himself as a champion for the search for a cure for Parkinson's by simply, working. To watch him on television now you can clearly be reminded of his struggle which is a reminder to all not to stop searching for a cure.  Because of his amazing success he clearly does not have to work. In his book Always Looking Up (a double meaning because of his small frame and faith) he shares the daily and hourly struggle of what it is like to suffer from Parkinson's. In the book he explains how the disease simply takes over your body when it wants to causing involuntary movement, sweating and severe cramps. I have tough days working with six hours sleep, never mind acting on television in front of dozens of people. Oh ya, I don't suffer from Parkinson's. Why is it unsettling to watch? Two reasons: it's my own pure selfishness and impatience to want to see Michael J. Fox and others, healthy again. We share the same birthday: June 9. He's a year younger than me. While HE hit an amazing windfall (well deserved) of fame and fortune around the time we were both in our mid twenties, it's unsettling to me that I feel like the lucky one. Thank you Michael J. Fox for reminding us to be thankful for what we have and to never forget what's important.  You are a HERO.

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