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Onesies for Guys? This Could Get Messy - LBF

Rompers. They're cute, they're trendy, and they are a PAIN IN THE A** to get out of when you have to use the ladies room. In fact, this VERY weekend I went out with a friend who was wearing one and I was ON BATHROOM DUTY. Meaning?

I had to go with her to help her zip and unzip.


We had MANY drinks.

I was VERY busy.

So, now I hear that some sartorial SATAN has created a romper for guys - a Romphim, if you will - and I fear for our summer.

Check this nightmare out:

The RompHim™: Your new favorite summer outfit

ACED Design is raising funds for The RompHim™: Your new favorite summer outfit on Kickstarter! Is it a romper designed for men? Sure. But it's also pretty damn comfortable, and it may just be the start of a fashion revolution.

Note: It's ALREADY RAISED $70,000 in funding! THE END OF DAYS IS UPON US.

Also, is this outfit a deal breaker or what?

First of all, after these bros have three PBRs, they are going to wet their pants.

Second? There doesn't need to be a second. It's wrong, it's weird and it screams "I'm a tool" more than Docksiders and popped collars.



A romper...FOR GUYS!? Love it or hate it, this may be the outfit of the summer. #PopVuz

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