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John Mayer says NO Smartphones Allowed-Jaybeau

Does it bother you if the guy behind you in line at Shaws is on his smart phone yackin' away? Or how about the mini van mom with the kid in the back, who cut you off while talking with one hand on her smart phone?

If you're in San Francisco tonight in line to see John Mayer and comedian Dave Chappelle, get ready to have no cool posts on Facebook or Instagram. You'll be asked leave your $500 smart phone outside of the venue, OR carry it in a locked pouch called a Yondr pouch - a lightweight smartphone sock that has a lock, preventing people from using them to make calls or take pictures. Mayer is enforcing a smart phone BAN, which means no recording or pictures.

Ticket holders are furious that they are being forced to be polite. It will be interesting to see how that goes.

If you're desperate and you must show your friends that you're at a cool Mayer show, send me your FB password and login, and I'll covertly fake post old Mayer photos and video for a modest fee. No will ever know.

By the way, no ban to read this on your smartphone.

John Mayer and Dave Chappelle ban cell phones at upcoming gigs

28th Apr 17 | Entertainment News John Mayer's fans will not be allowed to use their cell phones during the gigs he is performing with Dave Chappelle this weekend (28-29Apr17). The singer has collaborated with his unlikely friend on a "comedy/music hybrid show" entitled Controlled Danger, which will be taking place at The Fillmore in San Francisco on Friday and Saturday night.