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Doritos with a Tape Player Built In!?

UPDATE 4/28/2017 @12:15pm: We have been checking ALL DAY! No mix tape playing Doritos on Amazon?! It's too late in the month to be a joke, right? RIGHT?

?TastyWhale? on Twitter

F5'ing the @amazon @Doritos page to try and secure a Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 bag!!

It's TRUE! According to, if you love the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, old school cassettes and Doritos your life is about to get way more AWESOME!

The A.V. Club on Twitter

Doritos is selling chips with the Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 soundtrack installed on the bag

They are NOT available in stores, but word is they will be available on Amazon April 28th.


Complex on Twitter

This new Doritos bag will let you play the 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' soundtrack: