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O Reilly, Tiger, Bill Clinton-Jaybeau

This is not a post to stir up political conversation.

A few years back one of the stations I worked at interviewed a Harvard professor that wrote a fascinating piece on Tiger Woods and why he thinks enormously talented, successful men like Tiger and Bill Clinton had made the mistakes they made with members of the opposite sex.

He called it The Four A's. He went on to say that if you look at history, many highly talented, enormously successful, powerful and wealthy men seem to share similar patterns of mistakes when it comes to their character. In the interview the examples he used was Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton. He referenced the era of the Tiger Woods marriage troubles saying that Tiger suffered from a crack in character caused by one of the Four A's:

Adultery, Alcoholism, extreme Adventure seeking, or Arrogance. 

If the allegations toward Bill O'Reilly are true, you could argue the his arrogance led him to believe he can behave in a manner that suited him, but with zero consequences.

JFK Jr. was not rated to fly his plane at night yet his extreme nature caused him to make a fatal, extreme error in judgement. Extreme Adventure Seeking

Bill ClintonBill Cosby and David Letterman were tormented by the Four A's. Here they are again:

Adultery, Alcoholism, extreme Adventure seeking, or Arrogance. 

The professor wrote that with some men, the pressure of the job, added with the enormous success, talent, money and public adulation causes this "fracture" or "crack" in the persons character to occur which creates a false sense of immunity to consequences of their actions.

Maybe the bible was right?