DOES ANYONE ELSE Still Shine Their Shoes? - Hank

I'm turning into my father and I'm proud of it. My Dad always had two or three pairs of shoes that he rotated into his work wardrobe. He wore a suit and nice shoes and took great care of them. He bought them on sale and would spend time making sure they lasted.

In today's world of disposable items, when we throw everything away and just buy a new one (shoes, toys, clothes, phones), I've decided that in order to pay the mortgage and tuition bills, I need to cut back on spending and be smarter. SO, instead of spending $50 on a new pair of shoes at Marshall's, I'm now re-habing my shoes that don't look that great. Yes, I bought some shoe polish and boy, my shoes look great again. NO, I haven't bought a zip up sweater or any Grecian Formula, in case you're wondering!:):)

Click on the link below to learn to right way to spruce up your shoes and save a few bucks, while you're at it!

How to Make Your Shoes Last Forever

Not all shoes are created equal. You can't treat a canvas sneaker the same way you would a leather brogue. But each type needs the same proper care and maintenance. Related: The 5 Shoes Every Guy Should Own Buying a nice pair is just the beginning, says Michael Petry, the creative director at footwear brand The Frye Company.