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DIRTY LAUNDRY: Smoking Pot... With YOUR KIDS!?

What are you doing this April vacation? If you're Melissa Etheridge, you're smoking dope with your kids. If you're the Obamas, you're vacation on a half-a-billion-dollar yacht. If you are Dick Van Dyke, you are NOT going to the movies with your grandkids.

And if you are me, you are SCRAMBLING to find something other than watch "Moana" 50 times with your kid.

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Would you smoke pot with your adult kids? Melissa Etheridge does! Brings them closer (to the fridge?)

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Melissa Etheridge says getting high with her kids brings the family 'much closer'

The Obamas are on vacation. On a 590 million dollar yacht. With Oprah, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen!

The #Obamas. Enuff said! #TeamDL #Repost @cnn President Barack Obama snaps a photo of his wife, former first lady Michelle Obama, aboard a yacht in the South Pacific. (Photo by Mike Leyral/AFP/Getty Images)

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Dick Van Dyke is NOT HAPPY with movies. Too violent!

Dick Van Dyke criticizes violence in modern cinema

Family films like Mary Poppins and were killed off after Walt Disney died, he said The legendary actor, 91, believes a preference for gore and brutailty is rife in film Van Dyke even thinks JK Rowling's Harry Potter series is too violent for children He has tried and failed to raise the issue with producers ignorant to the issue Dick Van Dyke has criticized the level of violence appearing in modern cinema and youngsters for idolizing the street gang way of life.