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I literally lost my breath when I looked up at the news last night and saw that guitarist and founding member of his namesake, the J. Geils Band, John "Jay" Geils had passed away. Man. What a surprise.

Crazy as it seems, there are some people I never consider will go anytime soon. From my reaction, I guess he was one of 'em.

He was an old school guitarist. Jay Geils from a 2006 article in Guitar Nine:

I was a trumpet player in high school and even went to a jazz band camp. Famous jazz pianist Keith Jarret attended the same camp and I rember he was playing great as a kid.

My father took me into NYC to see people like Louis Armstrong , Dizzy and Sonny Rollins Like most kids in the 1960's I was swept up in the folk and blues revolution and started playing guitar. I was really into blues and hung out and jammed with artists like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Mike Bloomfield and Buddy Guy and Junior Wells. I am even on a Buddy Guy-Junior Wells recording.

My father was very encouraging and always playing great music around the house. My guitar roots started when I fooled around with a ukulele my father had since the 1930's. As I said, I played trumpet and drums, and for high school graduation Dad bought me an old harmony guitar for twenty five dollars.

I went to school in Boston and immersed myself in the folk and blues boom going on there. I met the guys who would become the J.Geils Band in Boston. We first called ourselves the J.Geils Blues Band. We gigged a lot, I quit school to play music, hung out and learned from anyone I could and became a complete guitar fanatic.



(read interview HERE)

I know there's a ton of us who went to see J. Geils all over the Boston area back in the day and we for sure blasted their Full House album, one of the best live albums ever.

I only know what I've read over the years about the band's split but, hey, sh*t happens, we grow and change and at least we have the memories. RIP Jay Geils.

And by the way, nice goin' Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hey, I voted for 'em.

I Want A Recount For The 2017 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - Julie Devereaux

Best. Song. Ever.

J Geils Band - Serves You Right To Suffer (Full House Live)

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