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Rickles Insulted My Dad And He Loved It-Jaybeau

"With that NOSE, you must be a JEW."

The crowd at Foxwoods Theater howled when comic legend Don Rickles looked down at my Dad in the front row from the stage and dropped that classic insult.

To be insulted by Don was a badge of honor, and EVERYONE was in his line of fire, from presidents, foreign leaders, to celebrities and even kids.

If the thought "great comedy has a little truth to it" then Rickles was the Honest Abe of comedy. Rickles known as "Mr. Warmth" made Johnny Carson and David Letterman numb with laughter with his cutting speed and honest humor, not allowing a second to pass for his target or audience to catch a breath. He was a regular on Kimmel and Fallon. 

Don Rickles passed away today at the age of 90. He will be missed, especially by me.

Watch how he effortlessly stole the show from David Letterman while Dave adored every second.

Denzel and Rickles on Letterman 2008

Denzel Washington and Don Rickles on Letterman in early 2008