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Review-The Americans on FX, Spies Like Us-Jaybeau

Yes, America has it's secrets. Here's one that I have uncovered.  If you haven't seen The Americans on FX, you're in for a treat that's much more fun than fake news.

The American's follow a husband and wife spy-team that are highly trained, deep undercover KGB agents in the Reagan 1980's living in, of course, an upscale suburb of Washington D.C. posing as everyday American's. Those Russians don't mess around. It is an actual arranged marriage complete with American-ized kids who the couple gave birth to and raise them as normal American kids who have no idea that Dad and Mom prefer vodka and not Bud Lite, but speak better English than us.

The attractive couple are played perfectly. Velicity star, Keri Russell plays the loyal-to-mother-country, cookie baking Elizabeth Jennings who has no problem with violence. Welsh star Matthew Rhys plays the defect-to-America friendly Phillip Jennings who seems more like Jack Tripper in Three's Company than a ruthless spy, until you see secret agent skills that would rival James Bond. Not pleasing to his wife, Matthew likes it hereIt's also fun to watch them navigate surprise visits from their new neighbor who just happens to work for the FBI, but doesn't get that Phil and Elizabeth are the enemy, next door, yet.

Before today's high tech world of internet hacking, high tech Russian spies of the 1980's had to rely much less on hi-tech and much more on brains and brawn to spy on on our nations leaders.  But make no mistake, they had the gadgets, like the poison umbrellas tips, too. One of my favorite episodes featured the twisted way they managed to sneak a listening device into the home of 1980's Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. It was facinating how they portrayed the Reagan assassination attempt from the Russian point of view. "Did we do this? I don't know."

The compelling 1980's backdrop of Fleetwood Mac, our father's Oldsmobile and Mellencamp-esque (John is Russian) family visits to Tastyfreeze, we are taken right in to the 1980's. Add to that the familiar 1970's and 80's Walton's face Richard Thomas who plays the straight laced FBI chief Frank Gaad who is close but is always one step behind our spies, for now.

The irony of The Americans, is that Phillip and Elizabeth seem to manage the on-going secret tangled web of spy life, intrigue, treason, lies and espionage better than their American marriage and two kids. They are really spies, but like us.

Season 5 of  The American's on FX just started. You can catch up on DVD or Amazon Prime.  It's a little graphic and only recommended for adults of all ages.